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Batting Partnerships

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1140 Thomas Bourke - Ananya Goswami Rosanna Cricket ClubU16 Blue8 1 Epping
2146 Mark Schott - Aayat Khanna Rosanna Cricket ClubB Grade7 1 Heidelberg
3129 Nicholas Horsford - Scott Dunbar Rosanna Cricket ClubBarclay Shield4 1 North Eltham Wanderers
4123 Geoff Wilson - Sam Morey Rosanna Cricket ClubF1 Grade5 1 Old Paradians
574 Patrick Bourke - Mark Schott Rosanna Cricket ClubB Grade3 1 Bundoora
6145 Dalton Marsh - Hayden Smith Rosanna Cricket ClubB Grade5 1 Montmorency
751 Nick Carlton - Patrick Bourke Rosanna Cricket ClubBarclay Shield6 1 Heidelberg
843 Pssvk Swaroop - Jacob Janezic Rosanna Cricket ClubF1 Grade4 1 Riverside
945 Harry Foreman - Lachlan Fraser Rosanna Cricket ClubU14 Teal8 1 Banyule
1041 Mitchell Crispe - Matthew Jackson Rosanna Cricket ClubB GradeGF 1 Epping

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