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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11306635514813752909230130*Sam SheehanRosanna2018/2019Barclay Shield3 1Epping
288391691481375290923788*Scott DunbarRosanna2018/2019Barclay Shield4 1Lower Eltham
385663551481375290922885*Sam SheehanRosanna2018/2019Barclay Shield2 1Bundoora
483391521481375292677683*Haedar a AlmatrahRosanna2018/2019F1 Grade3 1Macleod
58015712351481375298625180*Andrew W LoganRosanna2018/2019G4 Grade3 1Banyule
6767523041481375292693676*Ben J EllisRosanna2018/2019F2 Grade1 1Lower Plenty
77515750181481375298625675James EvansRosanna2018/2019G4 Grade4 1Thomastown United
86311113961481375298624863Neill JacksonRosanna2018/2019G4 Grade2 1Panton Hill
9508366571481375292695050*Ananya GoswamiRosanna2018/2019F2 Grade4 1Whittlesea
10502657451481375292473350Aayat KhannaRosanna2018/2019B Grade4 1Epping
11508204551481375292473350*Patrick E BourkeRosanna2018/2019B Grade4 1Epping
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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